BPM LIGHTING shows its character and personality at Warsaw Home Exhibition

The Chamber of Commerce and Banco Santander recognize our international footprint with the IV PRIZE SME OF THE YEAR OF VALENCIA 2020 - Internationalization Accésit 2020.

Together with Projar, Productos Velarte, Biónica and LV Reciclamás, Mónica Palomares collected the award, on behalf of the company, and shared few words of gratitud  addressed to her father Bernardo, founder of the company, and to all the people who are part of BPM Lighting Team.

Today, BPM Lighting has an international presence in more than 40 countries, 4 continents and has left its landmark on outstanding projects around the world: Google Portugal offices, Paris train station, Muga Winery  L'Oréal headquartes in Paris etc). In Mónica's words, "we are eager to keep growing, which is why we have just opened a Showroom in Lithuania and we are about to launch one in the British capital, London. We appreciate this award as a great recognition to the company, in which we are proud to be Spanish manufacturers and to leave our stamp in the world of technical and structural lighting. - Thank you "