REDUGeR ®, Tech Solution UGR<19


BPM Lighting launches REDUGeR ®, a revolutionary technical solution UGR<19

The new REDUGeR ® system, developed and patented by BPM lighting, means a great step forward in lighting technology thus it may be installed in any Luminaire Profile with LED plate. This system allows to reduce the sense of direct glare, adapting to the requirements and preferences of each project, without modifying the outer appearance of the luminaire.

The greater the luminaire’s luminous flux, the greater the surface luminance. However the greater the opening angle of the light beam is, even with the same amount of lumens, the greater the sense of discomfort for the users in that specific space, due to a higher UGR.

This system allows to reduce the angle of the light beam before it strikes the diffuser, reducing the UGR, and therefore, the sense of glare.

REDUGeR ®, reduces UGR, enabling to adapt any of our luminaires to the technical specifications of any projects, being 100% compatible with European standards UNE12464.

REDUGeR ®, our tech solution UGR<19 for the market needs.