More than flowers...


It has been a different Christmas, but that did not prevent us from showing gratitude and love to our family and friends, through a video call, sending best wishes cards or bringing life and colour to their homes with flowers. With this goal, BPM Lighting teamed up with Estudio SINMAS, creating a flower stand, which is much more than flowers.


The space was conceptualized as a perfect architectural cube measuring 240x240x240 cm. With a perimeter lit by its lower part, a minimalist and modern concept. All following a Night Blue color scheme, where four large doors located on the main  façade are left open on the sides; these have large mirrors installed that make the space integrated into the market's own architecture, showing the reflections of the roof, the forging, the columns, the pavement, ... in short, the beauty of this architectural work, showing respect for the environment.

The lighting of the stand has been carefully planned by BPM LIGHTING, displaying an Alberta Soft pendant luminaire in copper finish and a Martorell Tube surface spotlight.

As our claim reads, "Let's get brighter", let's take the opportunity to refuel ourselves before we take on the new challenges on this 2021.