Connected versatility. Alina


Perfection has a circular shape. Alberta Soft.

The beauty of simplicity. Tubular

Light seeks its own path. Klimt

Smooth eruption of Light. Volcano

Let’s get brighter

In this side of the Mediterranean, the light shines with a special purity and intensity. At BPM Lighting, we have taken this inspirational lighting as a requisite for making architectural lighting with the best qualities and design.

The most flexible range

With our Configurator, you can easily design a lighting structure, creating an optimal, flowing, even light throughout the installation, one which is the perfect match for the needs of your space.

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Make light the main protagonist

Our Structural Collection is handmade by our artisans with Crismosil®, an innovative material designed to make light diffuse harmoniously, as part of a single unit integrated into the setting.


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