Lent modular trimless

Lent modular Trimless

Infinite combinations

Other installation
External color
White Black
Internal color
Red Gold Aqua White Pink Anodized grey Blue Blue Black Copper Green Orange
Beam light angle
20º / 40º / 60º
From 91X43 to 270X43
Cut out measures
96X45 / 148X45 / 57X45 / 275X45
From 2 to 10X2
From 0 to 80.6 (lm/W)
1.10v / DALI / Non-dimm / Push

Configure your Lent modular

  1. Installation type

  2. Characteristics

External finish

Internal finish


  3. Illumination type


Lent modular trimless

7704 References

Image Reference External finish Internal finish COLOR T. Regulation Angle
variantImage 10216.TR.01.RO.BK-AG.B20.27K Black Anodized grey 2700 Non-dimm 20º
variantImage 10216.TR.01.RO.BK-AG.B20.27K.D1 Black Anodized grey 2700 1.10v 20º
variantImage 10216.TR.01.RO.BK-AG.B20.27K.DA Black Anodized grey 2700 DALI 20º
variantImage 10216.TR.01.RO.BK-AG.B20.27K.PU Black Anodized grey 2700 Push 20º
variantImage 10216.TR.01.RO.BK-AG.B20.3K Black Anodized grey 3000 Non-dimm 20º
variantImage 10216.TR.01.RO.BK-AG.B20.3K.D1 Black Anodized grey 3000 1.10v 20º
variantImage 10216.TR.01.RO.BK-AG.B20.3K.DA Black Anodized grey 3000 DALI 20º
variantImage 10216.TR.01.RO.BK-AG.B20.3K.PU Black Anodized grey 3000 Push 20º